I asked my clients to write from the heart about our partnership.
This is what they had to say:

Everyday “Life” provides one with challenges. Those who are driven tend to add their own sets of challenges and goals. In essence, when we strive for performance in our work life, our home life, even in our social lives, we challenge ourselves. It makes life more interesting it makes life more fulfilling.
Not unlike most people, I have a very busy and stressful work life. For all the right reasons, I try to balance that with some quality time in the gym. And often times, one can even get inspired to further challenge ourselves in some sort of fitness. It doesn’t matter whether it is for athletic performance, rehab or looks. It takes good old-fashioned work.
Last year, I had the opportunity to see one of the trainers doing her own work out. To say I was impressed would only minimize what I witnessed. I was not used to seeing a woman able to do pull ups with weights. At another time, she was bold enough to reach out to ask me whether I would consider a fitness evaluation. I stepped outside myself and agreed. I was inspired by her personal drive and self-motivation to overcome her own challenges. I agreed to sign up for personal training. She inspired me. She has always been upbeat. Her positive energy translated into the diverse work outs. She truly seemed to care about my well-being. Did I sleep enough? Was I eating right? Every work out started with a question about how I was feeling? She motivated me to work harder, but she also moved me with her own story.
My trainer was Anne Reuss. She created diverse work outs and took me out of the same old routine. Motivating, inspirational, interesting and adventurous. She seems to live what she teaches. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a client. I take with me those things she taught me both in and out of the gym.
— Mark Braun, CEO of Nuestro Queso


Anne is passionate, driven, and creative in her training. I have very little free time and need to make the most of it. With Anne, I get in and get it done. Maximum results with minimum time commitment.

What I love about training with Anne is that
she lives what she teaches. She works harder than anyone in the gym so when she pushes me I listen. And she definitely pushes me! Her motivation and dedication are contagious!
— Dominick Mondi, President of Meisrow Financial & Donna Mondi, CEO of Donna Mondi Interior Design
Anne’s an awesome trainer! She’s motivating, inspiring, and creative. I reached out to her because I was bored with online workouts in my living room. I wanted to challenge myself and start going to the gym, but I was intimidated and didn’t know where to start. With enthusiasm, Anne guided the way, designing me a workout plan that aligned with my goals. We are 1,500 miles apart, but I don’t feel the distance at all. Even from afar, Anne challenges me to perform at my best and believes in me. She mixes up the workouts often to keep me entertained. I’m hooked. There’s a reason she’s still my trainer even after a year! Because of Anne, I’m the strongest and in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life!
— Sarah Duran, Senior Payroll Analyst


The gym is an intimidating place. Fitness is something that I de-prioritized in my life because I was afraid of failure. Meeting Anne has changed all of that. She is the most empowering, focused, and genuine trainer you’ll ever meet. Our sessions are challenging, and sometimes I question my ability to get through each set. But Anne is always there, cheering me on and reminding me that I can do it. I’m stronger, both mentally and physically, than I have ever been.
— Shannon Cooper, Vice President, MedeAnalytics