Atomic Bodyweight Training Program

Atomic Bodyweight Training Program

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The Atomic Bodyweight Guide is a series of bodyweight sessions which I have created, tested and sweated personally out of a desire to keep feeling (and looking) fierce without excuses. 

Those who are driven add another set of challenges to what life already provides because it makes life more fulfilling, interesting and open the doors for more. I’m one of them, and if you are, keep reading.

Life gets busy. You want to be an inspiring leader/energetic parent/passionate lover/motivated entrepreneur/etc. You want to set positive examples and keep your competitive spirit high so you can pour life in your business, relationships and dreams.

You know the body is your vehicle to success. When you’re traveling, or in middle of a phase where you have to give it your all whether that’s a new product, business or adventure, this collection of workouts make it possible to sneak in a little me-time any time, any where. 

I’ve personally done these during stretches of time where I was all-in with client projects, working odd hours, devoting time to passion projects (like this) and travels. It kept me feeling secure in myself and my goals. 

The guide includes: 

> SIX atomic bodyweight sessions that can be done any time, any where with no equipment. No excuses, babe.

> Alternatives for beginners.

>  A full rationale why the workouts are designed to be challenging and build lean muscle.

> Atomic-isms: Suggested habits on how else you can take charge of your mental happiness and confidence. 

> Plenty of motivation! :) 

I'm ready to snag this!