Literally, Just Go Silent. [COACHING TIP]

I noticed a correlation. The bigger class is have become, the more chatty class becomes.

Mind blowing, huh?

Really, it’s to be expected. We fully support it. We want the athletes to bond during class.

90% of the time, anyway. We also want them to go into the session with clear vision and strategy.

So, at the white board….I go silent and smile. I make eye contact.

Then something amazing happens…they tell each other it’s time to pay attention.

They’re so accustomed to background noise all the time in their daily lives, and me talking isn’t going to stand out. But when I go silent? They start shifting their gaze.

It’s my non-verbal way of communicating to the class that “I see you. I’m here. And I want to help. Focus with me.”

Anne Reuss