The 1 - 2 Silent Demo Method [COACHES' READ]

If you’ve ever gone to the eye doctor for corrective lens, you’ll remember this:

Tell me which one you see better through - one or two?

I love utilizing this approach.


I remember the first time I used this strategy. I was coaching someone the hinge and deadlift with a ViPR. She was in her seventies, quite the traveller, and I wanted her to maintain the strength to pick up things safely!

I made the sign for “bow & arrow” (a coaches favorite, I picked this up in a Dan John talk) the same time she performed the hinge, and asked her to follow my pace as I was signing. I used my hands to paint a “wall” in front of her hips to demonstrate where to complete the movement.

Without having to trying to pronounce the terms or explain “hip thrust or gluteal thrust helps you avoid overextension of the spine, and your posterior chain is weaker and other muscles compensate so we need to learn this….”

I then put down the ViPR without instruction and asked her to pick it up.

The second time, I told her to do it again using what she just learned. She understood immediately how the deadlift was going to benefit her.

Here’s a video done with Adaptive CrossFit showing how to demonstrate clearly only ONE point of performance, the desired goal and what to avoid.

Anne Reuss