Travel Day Just Became a Little Healthier with 7 Hacks

You’ve already got enough on your plate with work and packing before your trip.

Sometimes we just run out of time to meal prep…and it’s easy to give in to overpriced fast food at the airport or eat the flight snacks absolutely void of worthy nutrients.

But you want to travel healthy.

Is there such a thing as a plan of attack with…almost no preparation, if it comes down to precious time?

Yes! I manage to arrive at my destination feeling fit and energized with these hacks.

Seven Travel Healthy Hacks

#1: All in one

Make a smoothie.

Grab a handful of spinach or kale, add a scoop of protein powder, a small banana, frozen berries, nut milk and then choose either avocado or nut butter for your fats. Chia seeds too, if you have it!

If you have no blender, you can mix greek yogurt and/or oatmeal with protein powder and a couple tablespoons of nut butter. Add berries for antioxidants and the PB&J effect!

#2: Always take the stairs at the airport

What are those farmer carries for?

Carrying your suitcases will keep your body lit, energized, and functional.

#3: Pre/during flight feeding:

I have emergency packets of tuna* and protein powder in my cabinet. I also tend to keep thawed peas or green bell peppers slices in my fridge all the time so I always have a green snack on standby.

[*Words of wisdom: Do NOT eat the tuna the plane, people may object at the stink.]

Here are a few other favorite snacks that are timesavers:

  • SkinnyPop bags or popcakes with a packet of Justin’s almond butter

  • Apples

  • Hummus

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • No sugar added beef/salmon/chicken jerky

  • KIND bars or trail mixes (without chocolate)

  • Starbucks egg sous vide and protein boxes

#4: Hydration

Keep a water bottle on you at all times.

Fill it before you head into the airport, because then you’ll be forced to drink it all before going through security. Clever, eh?

If you don’t have space, or don’t want to carry one, grab a large one from a coffeeshop. Drink, refill past security inside the airport, then again as you exit the airport.

Also, always ask for a water with your complimentary beverage on the flight. Make sure it’s from a bottle. I usually order a sparkling water to manage my cravings.

#5: Book an aisle seat (day flights)

There are people who say window seats are the clear winner. Some research as suggested there is less germs passing if you stick near to the window, but…

I still recommend aisle seats given you pack hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

At least for shorter flights, where seats are likely more cramped (‘Murica…), and you don’t need to rest your head against the fuselage. (Because you got appropriate sleep the night before, I hope!)

Look at all the perks: You can use the bathroom at your will, without having to step over or wake the stranger next to you. Retrieve your lacrosse balls and snacks from your bag overhead. Get up to stretch or walk around.

I assure I stay more hydrated than most on the plane who are drinking soda or almost nothing at all so they don’t have to get up.

If you can’t do an aisle seat, still get up every hour or two. It’s good for your seatmate, too.

#6: Show that face of yours

Chin up, eyes forward, no slouching.

When working on your computer or looking down, glance away from the computer for 5 minutes every 20 minutes or so. Your neck will appreciate it.

If you’re just reading or watching entertainment, bring a device light enough to prop up your elbow and keep your gaze level.

 #7: Wring out the tightness

After landing, and you get a few moments, here are some ways you can start to decompress:

  • Sit down in a squat and push your knees out

  • Stretch your hips with the yogaplex or spider lunges

  • Stretch muscles you never felt before with the triangle pose (shown here!)

  • Do a variation of the pigeon pose


Anne Reuss