When the Transformation Becomes More About Your Chiseled Soul

I used to train two hours a day with iron and burpees. I loved it. But then I discovered “the bigger picture” and started trading in hours at the gym for mountain biking, pizza with loved ones, Vitamin D, climbing things, and making friends with strangers over tamales. The iron is how I got there and can maintain those experiences.

This meant I became less chiseled in the process. You might not see and think it, but that’s OK. I can feel it but the transformation sculpted my spirit even more deeply.

We all have different goals and moments when we feel our best on the outside, but what experiences make you feel the best on the inside are so, so important.

Make room and time for that.

You may see less muscle definition some days, but your soul will be even more defined.

Sometimes you’re going to be bloated from a happy night of staying up until 2 AM in bars talking to foreigners. 

Sometimes your legs will be covered with ghastly bruises from mountain biking.

Just remember, experience outweighs a few chiseled lines on your belly and you can get them back any time!

All temporary. But not your spirit. It will be a god/goddess like shape. (And then you’ll pose like you believe it, and look like this)!

Anne Reuss